Band Rider

Every event is different and we aim to be as accommodating as possible. The following list details what The Kicktones will need to carry out our obligations to you and to enhance the performance that we give.

These requirements are necessary to ensure that we can give you the best event possible.


  1. A room to change and prepare in (we don’t get changed in toilets)! This is especially important if there is a long delay between setting up and performing.

2. Some food and drink refreshments during the evening.

3. A reasonably sized stage area (a min. of 3m x 5m).

4. A safe and reliable supply of mains electricity from a min. of 2 x 13 amp sockets. If the event is using a generator then we will need assurances that the supply will not be cut off unexpectedly as this will damage our equipment. The voltage will need to be regulated.

5. Loading and unloading facilities close to the performance area and access to any lift / elevator that may be present. Unobstructed access to an exit so that the band may “break down” and “load out” after the performance is concluded is also greatly appreciated.

6. The band require a minimum of 90 mins to set up, check the equipment and then sound check. If the room where the band are to perform is being used for dining setup and soundcheck will need to take place either prior to or after the meal. It is best if the room is empty for this. Please note that this may affect how long the band is needed for the day (please see point 13).

7. If the event is a formal occasion we will also need 30 mins to change and prepare.

8. There will be no unauthorised access to the stage area or interference with any instruments or equipment once they are set up. The band will provide additional notice signs for this.

9. A supply of water for each member of the band during performance.

10. No smoke machines.

11. No sound limiters.

12. The band are hired for eight hours. If for any reason the band are needed at the venue for longer than this an additional charge of £250 will be added to your bill.

13. Refund or payment of any parking and / or congestion charges or other unforeseen fees relating to vehicles.